For More than 35 years, NUVIA is a reference in remote controlled operations for the Nuclear industry working closely with ORANO, CEA but also UKAE, Sellafield and Douneray.



After using many off-the-shelf manipulators and industrial robots to perform specific tasks for waste management, decommissioning or maintenance, NUVIA decided to acquire industry proven technologies to create our own range of products. The new range of remote manipulators, built on industry-proven French technologies, combine our operational experience with the dreams of our operators.

We understand the challenges faced in nuclear facilities. That’s why our remote manipulators are designed to enhance operational excellence in limited access areas and to protect the operators.

We stand by the quality of our products. To guarantee their reliability and maintainability over the years, we offer a range of services that are specifically designed to keep your equipment in top condition. From regular maintenance to upgrades, we have you covered.

Decades of experience in highly demanding industry taught us that needs evolve over time. That’s why we offer rental solutions that allow you to adapt and extend the maintenance of your equipment according to changing requirements. Our flexible options ensure that you always have the right tools for the job.

Built to last under the NUVIATech Automation brand, we assemble our equipment in France using a network of trusted machining companies. This commitment ensures that every product meets our high standards of quality and durability, guaranteeing long-lasting performance for your operations.


NUVIATech Automation’s range of manipulators:

  1. NuMANTIS, typical Master Salve Manipulators
  2. NuPYTHON, electrical Manipulators mounted any position
  3. NuCONDOR, heavy load suspended electrical manipulators
  4. NuSCORPIO, autonomous vehicle with fitted NuPython
  5. NuCONTROL, common control system for our electrical arms including several options as force feedback, cartesian robot mode, live virtual model,…